Incident Data

ID/Link Date of incident What happened? Location Type Situation
284 No provision of safe crossing, waited 7 minutes for a gap in traffic to cross with a buggy and 2 kids

Crossed when a gap was available anticipating driver to slow down. Driver on phone swerved erratically to avoid collision.

4 year old said that was scary that car nearly hit us.
-37.665979589058, 176.22322354663 Pedestrian
324 Pushing my baby across the pedestrian crossing adjacent to Aro Park. A car travelling eastbound overtook a parallel parking van and drove straight through the crossing while I was half way across. I had to run to the opposite side of the road with my buggy to avoid being hit. Vehicle drove away. -41.295572556847, 174.76842593564 Pedestrian
341 Confusion between driver and pedestrian (child) as not a clearly distinguished painted crossing. -41.338542411173, 174.76046047543 Pedestrian
271 Cyclist jumps red light for my crossing, not taking any attention to the traffic signals. -41.30922359999, 174.77855334199 Pedestrian
216 Very dangerous near miss by a extreme downhill mountain biker illegally riding. This is common on the hill on the walking only tracks which are very steep (over 30 degree angle). -41.271375695573, 174.7745299108 Pedestrian
233 A young teenager - looked 13-14? on his manual scooter rode down Wellesley St hill full speed and rode into the oncoming bus lane to do a jump trick onto the crowded footpath. The oncoming bus was lucky to slow down and stop as it had stopped at a bus stop. The teenager's friends then followed on their scooters down the hill on the footpath cheering the teenager on. The bus driver gave a stern look to the teenager but no action was taken on preventing the kid to do it again. -36.851007141377, 174.7644051893 Pedestrian
272 Cyclist nearly collided with a fellow pedestrian at this pedestrian crossing and they ignored the red light. -41.303065523181, 174.77924184454 Pedestrian
344 Family walk - 2yo in buggy 4yo on bike. All on the footpath and driver on opposite side of the road. Indicated and pulled across nearly knocking 4yo off bike. Fortunately 4yo managed to stop clear of the drive but driver kept trying to drive. Slammed hand on his bonnet to force him to stop and driver protested that we had to move to stop him blocking the road!!! Driver ignorant to the fact it was not clear to turn then pulls race card!!! Considering reporting but no video so debating if worth the effort -37.660668712256, 176.2166877 Pedestrian
409 Nearly got hit by a car coming out of forresters lane onto Tory St.

Probably the 50th time this has happened
-41.293892387438, 174.78097606383 Pedestrian
199 My daughter was crossing the road at a signalized pedestrian crossing that was green for pedestrians and was almost hit be a car that had to do an emergency stop. -36.712932309207, 174.72146957657 Pedestrian
218 Was walking in Johnston hill walking tracks and stopped as myself and an elderly gentlemen thought we heard some tree cutting noises, (there has been illegal tree felling in the area).
I took out my camera as a precaution . All of a sudden a mountain biker came down the track at high speed nearly hitting us. This all caught on camera.
-41.274788760777, 174.74299697307 Pedestrian
442 A driver ran a red light, to turn right, while pedestrian crossing was green just as I stepped onto the carriageway. -41.227334866656, 174.88491449136 Pedestrian
313 Car taking a right turn into drive, waited for oncoming traffic then pulled in-front of myself, 4 year old on bike and dog. Slammed hand on bonnet and driver looked shocked that I hadn’t let them pull in!

For clarity we were at walking pace on the pavement. No further action taken as pointless but attitudes need to change in Tauranga!
-37.663042805363, 176.21961256484 Pedestrian
395 I went to cross the road at the traffic lights, it was my turn to go the green man had just come up and a bus went through while I had a green man and nearly hit me -39.934839793826, 175.05537127994 Pedestrian
443 Saw someone walk through the first lane of stopped cars, didn't pay attention to second lane which had moving traffic. Car screeched to a halt. Person crossing didn't even realise due to wearing headphones. -41.291056699596, 174.77435412263 Pedestrian
619 Aged person walked straight into glass-walled bus stop, which has no edge warning tape and sticks out into the footpath. Ideally this could have some visible marking on the glass to reduce other sight-impaired or distracted pedestrians colliding with it. -41.293455010271, 174.77643634416 Pedestrian
201 My daughter was crossing the road at a signalized pedestrian crossing that was green for pedestrians and was almost hit be a car that had to do an emergency stop. -36.712932309207, 174.72146957657 Pedestrian
314 Half way across the zebra crossing with a buggy a car zoomed passed. Fortunately had realised on the crossing that they we not stopping and slowed to avoid collision/death of child. Also school kid on bike behind me. -37.673022057691, 176.23076981881 Pedestrian
509 An e-biker listen to headphones knocked over a toddler on the footpath and rode off obvious to the damage. -41.337107632086, 174.77253332407 Pedestrian
558 I was almost struck by a car while crossing at 79 Glendale Road, from the eastern to western side of the road. The car was headed southbound so fast that even after I looked right before crossing I didn’t see it coming around the slight bend at Levy Road before it was nearly on top of me. I dashed across the centerline and the car passed behind me headed south doing easily 75-80km/h. Near serious injury or fatality for sure. Still shaken. -36.916396611652, 174.64925853002 Pedestrian
400 The date of this incident is 25 April 2017; I couldn't type this date into the box above. (amended)

I was walking along the path signed as Adderstone Walkway, through the Adderstone Reserve. A young man on a mountain bike came around a curve towards me, quite fast. I stood my ground, and there was no room on the path for him to pass, so he had to swerve off the path to avoid hitting me. He was verbally aggressive towards me when I told him I didn't think this was a shared path.

I contacted Palmerston North City Council, and was told that this path is considered by Council to be a shared pathway, along with the others which make up the Turitea walkway through the suburbs and patches of bush in this area. I looked at the Road Code on the New Zealand Transport Authority website, and found that cyclists are instructed not to ride on footpaths, unless it is signed as a shared cycle/walking path. There is nothing on the Adderstone Walkway to indicate that it is a shared pathway. It seems ridiculous to me that these tracks would be designated shared pathways. Most of them are inaccessible or impractical for cycling simply because there are lots of stairs. The Adderstone Walkway is accessible to bikes, but doesn't seem suitable to share with walkers; it's not wide enough, it's winding, and the surface is gravel.

The wooden sign at the Pacific Drive end of Adderstone Reserve has a couple of stickers on it, one indicating no motorcycles, and one indicating no horses. The stickers are in shallow square recesses in the sign, and there are also about three more of these recesses on the sign; it looks like there were more stickers on the sign in the past, but some have been removed. The "no motorcycles" one has also been partly peeled off. This makes me wonder if there was a "no bicycles" sign on there at some point.

I got the impression the people at my local Council offices might just be confused about what is a shared pathway and what isn't, and didn't want to deal with my queries. When I replied to their initial email with the concerns above, I got no reply.
-40.38926281351, 175.6439777 Pedestrian
302 Waiting to cross at pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Chilka St, 2x cars sped southbound through the crossing (much faster than the 30kpm limit in this area), ignoring the fact that I was waiting there with two small children. I put my hand out to wave so that a car would notice that we were waiting and the driver slammed on her brakes, almost sliding over the intersection. This is a really common occurrence - the crossing needs to be moved further north or road design needs changing so that drivers go slower/the crossing is noticed more by drivers. -41.322244981844, 174.7752338733 Pedestrian
369 This time and date is approximate. A scooter travelling in straight line in middle of footpath, most pedestrians were moving to the side to let him pass, but an elderly women didn't see him and stumbled to get out of his way. The scooter rider did also try to avoid hitting her, but she was startled and could have fallen. -41.313376355769, 174.77964727641 Pedestrian
386 Near miss of school kid crossing monaghan. Car turning right from Broadway to monorghan. Pedestrians here can't see cars coming behind them on Broadway when crossing between queued cars on monorghan. -41.325249447088, 174.81798057864 Pedestrian
450 Started crossing road at tactile tiles from South to North when car came around corner (turning left from SH1 northbound lane) so had to step back. Cars seem to go fast around this blind corner so it is difficult as a pedestrian to cross. -40.766525313402, 175.14797536964 Pedestrian
626 Walking east through the Mt Vic tunnel when a Bicycle collided with me from behind. His handlebar bonked into my wrist. -41.304017967897, 174.7909843252 Pedestrian
123 Using the roundabout, get cut off by rednecks deliberately trying to intimidate in their truck. I had right of way, they pulled out too early. -43.528861486415, 172.61230051517 Bicycle
211 Driver in white van passed us (two cyclists) far too closely entering the wide bend, then cut back abruptly in front of us to move back into left lane. The pass could have been completed safely by waiting just 5 - 10 seconds until we had passed around the bend. -41.304381818178, 174.81549756803 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
228 Passing through the gap in the fence to leave the cycle path/footpath onto the road. The fence is tight, i was travelling at speed and I turned too sharp, the result was the front wheel washing out and i went over the handlebars onto the road. Bruised and concussed. The main fault was rider error, although a nicer exit onto Patterson Street would prevent the need for tight turns and be safer in terms of looking out for cars. -41.301204507175, 174.7831195275 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
305 driver didn't use mirrors to check bike lane, although this one indicated as they started the turn -37.663364436866, 176.20997026723 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
323 Same location as Incident 318. This time car cuts me off in cycle lane with cms to spare. -43.560607599264, 172.61263563033 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
339 Car didn't give way at intersection by young male who had seen me but went anyway, and I had to brake heavy to avoid -39.496555522303, 176.87016494403 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
356 Overtaking into on-coming traffic, forcing driver on other side to nearly run off the road. Occurred while going over a speed hump in a 30km/h zone -36.837243516297, 174.74233608146 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
372 Van pulled out of yard across the road cutting my off and making me break hard. -41.271976996282, 174.78210912092 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
388 Pedestrian entered road without looking -34.414867598424, 150.90086568556 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
404 Cycling south bound, passed by bus travelling at speed in the same direction <0.5m. -41.306733156318, 174.77813451477 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
420 Cycling along Cameron road in the cycle lane, cyclist in front has to swerve to avoid grey Nissan Kingcab. the Ute pulls out into the path of the cyclist and due to traffic is not able to complete the manoeuvre and blocks the path for the other cyclist and I. I pull up to the drivers side, try to tap on the wingmirror to get drivers attention (it folds back on itself) driver turns holding phone in left hand to ear (smartphone - unsure of brand, in blue case) the female driver, 40's blond hair then gesticulates at me (didn't see fully as over my shoulder) revs engine and starts to swerve towards me. I pull away and she backs off and I return to the cycle lane. She drives erratically into the cycle lane between myself and the other cyclist before driving away. (excerpt from police report) -37.691406466283, 176.1642224877 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
436 Driver overtook me with less than 20cm while no car in the other lane in high speed and I was super close to parked cars. He ignore my existence while driving. Extremely scary. -41.323878987289, 174.77514868645 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
452 Cycling north (pre-schooler on the back), along The Parade and passing straight through the Dee St round-about, a car passed us (extremely close and at speed) on the round-about. -41.329126160578, 174.77391019391 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
468 Van passed cyclist across double yellow lines into blind corner, while apparently having an argument through the open passenger window with the cyclist. -41.276898086283, 174.90397218847 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
484 I was going down hill taxi passed me exactly where street has the pedestrian crossing into the road, he only need to wait 2seconds for the wider part of street to come and no parked cars where I could protect myself -41.325377459235, 174.77498702832 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
500 Driver was waiting in queue, and changed lanes across bike lane when starting to move. Began to change lanes before the turning lane was available, squeezing me towards parked cars. -41.292476347204, 174.77423161137 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
516 Headed southbound in a bike lane right before intersection. When light turned green bus drifted into my path towards a bus stop on the other side of the intersection, forcing me to stop to avoid going underneath the bus. -36.856249139024, 174.74673987909 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
532 car failed to give way at Chaytor/Raroa - crossed in front of cyclist that had right of way -41.284749546594, 174.75418493041 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
548 distracted driver - driving while texting on Karori road. Got aggro when called out on it -41.283201609987, 174.74315568694 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
564 Travelling towards the city on Glenmore St a car turned into Kilmister Ave in front of me requiring heavy braking and swerving to avoid hitting the car. -41.280217861488, 174.76752149539 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
580 While approaching a parked car the door swung open into my path, and the collision threw me onto the road. Particular points of impact include my right knee, right elbow, and the rear derailleur of my bicycle, all of which made firm contact with the road. The driver said he was "sorry" and that he didn't check his mirrors or look behind before opening his door. I was likely travelling at upwards of 30kph, trying to leave room for passing peak-hour traffic from behind me. -43.525200417314, 172.68005481061 Bicycle Car door opened in cyclist’s way
596 I was heading on the downhill stretch of Crawford road after exiting the roundabout, and i could hear a car accelerating behind me, even though it was not safe to pass me. The car passed me very close with traffic coming in the opposite direction, which made me scream very loudly. Probably my closest call yet. -41.314012105527, 174.79034324858 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
612 Cycling to work southbound along SH2 under the Petone overpass. Large logging truck overtook me and then trailer drifted over verge, forcing me into wall to avoid being run over. Truck driver unaware and failed to stop. -41.223819692937, 174.85947582696 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
628 Vehicle did not give way at the crossing, appeared to slow down at first but they didn't see me and were slowing down for the raised crossing -36.872397360618, 174.71003490281 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
644 I was behind a car at the stop sign on The Rigi waiting to turn left onto Glenmore. The car ahead of me pulled right into the path of an oncoming cyclist forcing the cyclist onto the other side of the road. Fortunately there was no cars coming up Glenmore at the time. -41.285648688313, 174.75866814384 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
124 Car nearly knocked me off my bike. -43.56381855864, 172.64885902405 Bicycle
213 Near Miss (NEAR FATALITY!)
Cycling NW Bikeway crossing Lincoln Rd from W to E. Saw Green Cycle and proceeded to cross, not realising that the green was not for the slip road. Car misses my front wheel by a few cm. He was travelling around 80km/hr.
If I had been 1 sec earlier I would have been dead.
Bad intersection design, doesn't comply with road to zero.
-36.84900317208, 174.63141217329 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
229 Close passed by a cement truck through a 70km/h construction zone with no shoulder and oncoming traffic. -40.820884032228, 175.10263496584 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
249 Bus passed at speed up hill whilst only sinhle lane space available -41.325488096993, 174.77485053129 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
269 There is a right turn bay here with a stop line. It is a sharp bend. I was turning right off Luxford and onto Rintoul St. A car travelling from Rintoul onto Luxford cut the corner, across my path. This is a common occurrence. -41.319935418945, 174.77781288268 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
306 taxi driver pulled out of petrol station across bus lane without checking if clear, it wasn't! -37.665778315634, 176.19920697868 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
357 over-taking dangerously close to a cyclist - The driver also appeared to be on his iPad -36.838890476726, 174.74278297199 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
373 Riding home with my kids from kindie. Earthmover truck squeezes past way too close when there wasn’t really enough room as road turns from 2 lanes to 1.
Then indicates left and slows to turn.
-37.674929658787, 176.22629084298 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
389 I was cycling westward on Woodside Rd when a driver in an SUV heading north on Henley Rd nearly failed to give-way to me as it entered the roundabout. I was able to prevent the driver hitting me by veering to my right and in conjunction with the driver finally seeing me at the last second and bringing their vehicle to an emergency stop. Please note conditions were clear, there is minimal visibility issues on that portion of the roundabout and I had 3x high quality, fully functioning strobe lights running (one on my helmet, one on my handlebars and one on my seat post). The driver appeared to be approaching the roundabout with too much speed and there are zero speed calming measures on the SUV side of the roundabout.
-36.885461141437, 174.75603679817 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
405 Lanes merge and I was in front, but car traveling at speed overtook me as I was preparing to turn right. -41.307235787374, 174.77615787474 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
421 Cyclist travelling north on SH2. Large truck and trailer failed to give way and turned left towards Petone while overtaking cyclist, very near miss.
Booths Kenworth truck and trailer unit. MKA403
In the photo below you can see that the cyclist was already in the intersection going straight ahead when the truck started overtaking and then turned left.
Cyclist wearing fluoro yellow long sleeve top, lights on, sunny day, plenty of visibility.
-41.223891720064, 174.85840467347 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
437 Car pulled into Spotlight car park, cutting me off and swearing at me. -41.260519849078, 174.78946827951 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
453 Car travelling behind me in same direction up 11th ave then Car turned Down edgcumbe st taking out me cycling. -37.697307667135, 176.15689471473 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
485 Heading north - driver sped up to try and overtake me in a narrow section of road (where there is a pedestrian island in the middle). She almost hit me then close passed as soon as she had passed the island. -41.317246044616, 174.77539362058 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
501 cycling on Tory street towards Courtenay Place, traveling at 35km/h, where the speed limit is 30km/h. As I was traveling at or above the speed limit, I was taking the lane to prevent unnecessary and unsafe passing

A driver aggressively overtook me, crossing to the wrong side of the road to do so, into oncoming traffic. I then re-passed them at the next (red) traffic light at the Tory/Courtenay intersection
-41.292412734553, 174.78178345254 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
517 three incidents - illegal use of a buslane (no indicating) encroachment at a give way sign (X2), and crossing the buslane in front of oncoming traffic -41.284702919882, 174.7540030691 Bicycle Cyclist's way blocked (by other road users, road conditions, etc.)
533 car failed to give way at Chaytor/Raroa to cyclist that had right of way -41.28474148452, 174.7541527439 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
549 closs pass by a Metlink Bus on Glenmore Rd -41.283749841735, 174.7618882347 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
565 Car coming north to the Dee Street roundabout didn’t give way on the roundabout to traffic (me) already on the roundabout and turning. Evasive braking by me avoided accident. -41.329206335932, 174.7739497972 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
581 School bus to marsden school overtook me with less than 30cm space up hill -41.320449800897, 174.77522351761 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
597 driver in a ute pulled out of placemakers and had to slam on the brakes to leave enough room for me to safely go around. -41.25568970889, 174.7967229123 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
613 Car to my right pulled suddenly left without looking & almost hitting me. Claimed he didn't see me (not sure how that would have been possible if he'd just looked). -41.279298142653, 174.77556040685 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
629 Mulitple occasions where cars using the slip lane to Blenheim Rd cut off cyclists going straight through across to Tower Junction -43.536629536896, 172.60709759716 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
645 A car parked outside the dairy blocking the lane to cars and bikes. There used to be a park here so it's understandable. However, it's clearly marked with yellow lines now. This was clearly causing some frustration for drivers and was causing traffic to back up unnecessarily. -41.278996124959, 174.76897734454 Bicycle Cyclist's way blocked (by other road users, road conditions, etc.)
195 On bike overtaking another cyclist, bus overtook me with >10cm clearance, spoke to bus driver at next lights, and was apologetic. -41.324767918418, 174.77500624166 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
214 I was cycling in the right lane, to prepare to turn right. The traffic light ahead was red. A driver then undertook me on the left, straddling both lanes, before cutting back into my lane requiring me to swerve onto the flush median to avoid him. -41.278806965932, 174.7796297226 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
230 Car tailed cyclist for approximately 200m in the left hand lane (travelling less than a metre behind the cyclist), yelling abuse while driving. The person on the bike was travelling pretty fast and in the safest way possible on a road without cycle lanes, and wasn't really holding up traffic. -41.307835028873, 174.77801819193 Bicycle Tailgates cyclist without passing
250 Fast close pass by car traveling in same direction at pedestrian kerb build out. -41.326385594091, 174.77471396916 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
270 I was travelling left off Hanson onto John St and planning to turn tight into Tasman st.
I entered to right turn lane and can was travelling down John St cut across my right turn Lane to get to the the one turning right off John St into Hanson st. This is a common occurance.
-41.307153770048, 174.7764250809 Bicycle Person drove (or cycled) at cyclist head on
290 Car blocked cycle lane and this made me swerve in traffic. While talking to him, he claimed it was his right to park here. -36.864594869678, 174.77331475767 Bicycle Cyclist's way blocked (by other road users, road conditions, etc.)
307 Biking on inside lane of Kent Tce so that I could get onto curb to go through the Basin. A car sped to overtake me, passing very close and cutting back in front of me so close that I could have touched his car. -41.298173313464, 174.78164384045 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
325 This is an old incident from last year but should be reported. Riding in second of three northbound lanes. Cars in first lane are queued from Ti Rakau up the hill. Large SUV passes me in the third lane and immediately pulls across and tries to merge into the queued first lane. Vehicle stops right in front of me blocking second lane. Road was wet, drifted both wheels and somehow they gripped and I ended up going around the vehicle. -36.910731022648, 174.87558317116 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
358 Car carelessly turning into Spotlight car park cutting off cyclists on cycle lane. -41.260432551965, 174.78950956103 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
374 Car overtook group of 4 cyclists travelling in single line formation. Car merged into cycle lane and slowed first of four riders down and then moved abruptly off the road into a road side carpark situated on the immediate left of the cycle lane. First and second cyclist passed the parked car. Third cyclist narrowly avoided the car door as it opened into her path. 4th cyclist, as witness indicated that driver still didn't realise what he was doing despite the nearness of the miss and opened door further rather than pull it back in. -41.295360428836, 174.80485657738 Bicycle Car door opened in cyclist’s way
390 Truck overtook then ran me off the road. I had to rapidly stop then jump on the grass -37.660737719677, 176.18710165927 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
406 At the roundabout I was cycling straight ahead when a PBL Courier van overtook me from behind and then cut me off as he turned left directly in front of me. I had to brake heavily to avoid a crash. The van was being driven speedily, and showed no recognition of the incident. -41.323580275952, 174.80395185054 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
422 Was crossing a side road, car screeches turning into my side road (From the main road) as I am crossing it, beeps excessively as they almost hit me. -41.308682461008, 174.76275676842 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
438 Multiple drivers close-passed me as I rode up the edge of the bus lane which was not in operation but crowded with poorly parked vehicles. Then I crossed three lanes of traffic to get into the lane to enter the Basin Reserve and was close-passed by another motorist as I rode along the right hand edge of the lane. -41.297994563388, 174.78187199353 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
454 I was on a bike, crossing Customhouse Quay & Jervois Quay from the waterfront to Waring Taylor St. I was crossing during a pedestrian phase. I had crossed Customhouse Quay and was in the middle about to cross Jervois Quay (they are on a single crossing light). A large 4wd vehicle driving north on Jervois Quay ran through the red light. I saw the vehicle coming through the red light and stayed in the middle zone rather than continuing to cross Jervois Quay. The driver saw me as he was already crossing the intersection, and stopped suddenly in the middle of the intersection. If I had continued cycling, he probably would have hit me (head on to his vehicle, on the side of my bike). He gave me an apologetic wave. He was driving a large grey 4wd ute, with a distinctive number plate made up only of letters. I was too shaken to take note of the number plate. -41.282560074946, 174.77835400324 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
486 Waiting at the lights on Cambridge Tce, in the green bike box. When the light turned green a motorbike sped past extremely close - almost knocked me and another person on a bike over. -41.294060395469, 174.78369435034 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
502 Nearly daily occurrence of cars dangerously overtaking bikes in blind turn through road works (posted speed limit 30kph which bikes are doing). Both passing cyclist dangerously and nearly hitting oncoming traffic around curvet432e2te2 -41.298612542254, 174.80554815771 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
518 driver encroaching on bus lane from Curtis St - driver straddling bus lane on Chaytor St -41.284604320384, 174.75359657304 Bicycle Cyclist's way blocked (by other road users, road conditions, etc.)
534 car passed and then turned across me at the intersection of Chaytor and Birdwood - a highly dangerous pass. Police complaint lodged, but they only issued a warning -41.286700539385, 174.75466236361 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
550 close pass by taxi on Bowen St, zero effort made to give a safe passing distance -41.279113913385, 174.77687641867 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
566 Cycling south bound on Clyde, signaling turn in to Thames St. Wearing hiviz jacket and flashing front light, ute turns in to clyde st making emergency stop just in time. -41.33530898975, 174.77477421918 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
582 Car waiting at roundabout pulled out even though I had the right of way and the driver saw me. I had to brake to avoid an accident. It was a beautiful clear evening so no excuses about visibility. -37.676634648968, 176.22225512485 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
598 Driver accelerated up behind me and beeped horn several times, even though there was not enough space to pass safely. When I had space to move over, the lovely motorist yelled "you're not allowed to block the lane" as if he was one of my parents or some sort of school teacher. Hope he had a lovely day.

I was riding north on a foggy morning
-41.300113860821, 174.77788388311 Bicycle Tailgates cyclist without passing
614 Close aggressive pass, where the ute had to swerve back in front to avoid a traffic island -41.276846219639, 174.77286978621 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
630 Two drivers failed to give way at the Chaytor Raroa intersection - -41.284800997478, 174.75422272151 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path