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Pedestrian walked down centre of cycleway making no effort to walk to the pedstrian footpath on hutt road, i was heading south as was the pedestrian so had her back to me. I kept left of her but slowed just in case she moved towards the footpath. A cyclist heading north which she saw made her quickly move into my line so I had to take evasive action to move around her right, directly inline with the northbound cyclist. He skidded past and I got very clise to her as anymore to the right we would have collided. Pedestrian blocked the view and took most of the focus from the other cyclists as she was unpredictable in what she would do. Myself and the other cyclist stopped and looked back to make all was ok then carried on.

-41.261323513932, 174.7886882

Thu, 01/16/2020 - 07:30 - # 220