Date of incident
How were you travelling?
Problematic pass (usually too close)
What happened?
I was biking West along Karori Road, shortly after the shops. I had taken the road to get around a couple of parked cars. I was over taken safely by one car, then PTD944 completed an unsafe overtaking manouver. Their wing mirror passed within about 20cm of me. Had I swerved slightly, I would have been hit. A van then passed me giving heaps of space.

I was well lit with 2 rear lights and three front lights and was wearing a day-glow jacket. As such there is no way that they could not have seen me. This was either lack of awareness of road spacing or a punishment pass for being "on their road"

-41.285081634008, 174.73648296356

Tue, 09/26/2023 - 20:00 - # 636