Incident Data

ID/Link Date of incident What happened? Location Type Situation
120 Cut off by a car traveling in the same direction, I.e.coming from ngauranga and car was pulling into spotlight carpark -41.260103916028, 174.78958904743 Bicycle
119 Other car ran a red light at new intersection, fortunately we weren't fully in the intersection so they just slipped past us -36.775455408787, 174.55436199903 Car
118 Car pulled In front of bike. Near miss. -40.918107495683, 175.00176250935 Bicycle
116 Standing with one foot on bike on road next the pavement. Small truck came come close to me. -41.294184258299, 174.78399798274 Bicycle
115 Heading down Hawker Street by Bike, a car pulled out in front of me, the driver did not look or indicate. I had to brake suddenly and nearly fell off. -41.294278470098, 174.79822576046 Bicycle
114 Car reversing out of a parking spot. Had to swerve the road to miss the car. -41.271420312877, 174.78178918362 Bicycle
113 Riding bike along Jervois key - nearly wiped out by a passing bus. -41.2873105, 174.7779572 Bicycle
112 At round about, a car turn was in the line heading straight through. I went to take off after no traffic was coming through the right. Car went to make a left turn in lane that is going straight nearly taking me out. -41.233792218181, 174.90381762385 Bicycle
111 Black car reversed out of parking fast, cause me to emergency brake and skid all over the left side of the road. -41.290786496907, 174.7908872366 Bicycle