Incident Data

ID/Link Date of incident What happened? Location Type Situation
233 A young teenager - looked 13-14? on his manual scooter rode down Wellesley St hill full speed and rode into the oncoming bus lane to do a jump trick onto the crowded footpath. The oncoming bus was lucky to slow down and stop as it had stopped at a bus stop. The teenager's friends then followed on their scooters down the hill on the footpath cheering the teenager on. The bus driver gave a stern look to the teenager but no action was taken on preventing the kid to do it again. -36.851007141377, 174.7644051893 Pedestrian
231 Heading northbound when a grey Holden colorado in the opposite motorway lane hit the median barrier and was scaping along the cable median barrier at high speed with all sorts of debris flying off. A large piece of the colorado or median barrier hit our car denting the side and possibly flew off into cars behind us. -37.267382411281, 175.04502774199 Car
230 Car tailed cyclist for approximately 200m in the left hand lane (travelling less than a metre behind the cyclist), yelling abuse while driving. The person on the bike was travelling pretty fast and in the safest way possible on a road without cycle lanes, and wasn't really holding up traffic. -41.307835028873, 174.77801819193 Bicycle Tailgates cyclist without passing
229 Close passed by a cement truck through a 70km/h construction zone with no shoulder and oncoming traffic. -40.820884032228, 175.10263496584 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
228 Passing through the gap in the fence to leave the cycle path/footpath onto the road. The fence is tight, i was travelling at speed and I turned too sharp, the result was the front wheel washing out and i went over the handlebars onto the road. Bruised and concussed. The main fault was rider error, although a nicer exit onto Patterson Street would prevent the need for tight turns and be safer in terms of looking out for cars. -41.301204507175, 174.7831195275 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
227 Tradesman driving a large ute gave me a punishment pass for causing him to drive slightly more slowly for slightly longer than usual. -41.319938063961, 174.77659495 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
226 Bus cut across me and nearly wiped me out -41.343676162193, 174.78750746891 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
225 Cycling along Willis Street with a colleague. Was at the Hunter Street lights on red which then turned green so cycled on, needing to turn right onto Post Office Square. Head checked to see if there was a car, behind me, there was not, so went into the right hand side of the lane, then signalled to turn right. Car overtakes us both on the wrong side of the road, yelling at tooting at us as he goes past. We then turn right after he had past, he then stops on the left hand side of the road to yell at us more. -41.285342042734, 174.77683603632 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
224 Hit a large stone, which I did not see, on the carriageway whilst cycling north/west bound on Jervois Quay/Wakefield Street. Just managed to keep control of handlebars. -41.29070489216, 174.77914875464 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
223 Car rolled through stop sign and pulled out in front of me (while looking directly at me!). I swerved around behind the car. -40.976397345139, 174.96048340481 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
222 Dangerous spot for southbound cyclists turning, no way for cyclists to safely change lanes to turn right. Have to either cut through traffic when stopped or try to match speed of traffic to move right. -41.279816506437, 174.77903305165 Bicycle Cyclist's way blocked (by other road users, road conditions, etc.)
221 As U passed through the intersection a driver in a car on my left at a give way pulled into me. Driver braked when he registered me and I almost went over their bonnet - swerved and braked, just missing the car. I was lit with daylights and there was light traffic. No one behind me overtakibg me at the time in my lane. I was in the green painted cycle lane part of the road.. -41.267572824387, 174.78129723108 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
220 Pedestrian walked down centre of cycleway making no effort to walk to the pedstrian footpath on hutt road, i was heading south as was the pedestrian so had her back to me. I kept left of her but slowed just in case she moved towards the footpath. A cyclist heading north which she saw made her quickly move into my line so I had to take evasive action to move around her right, directly inline with the northbound cyclist. He skidded past and I got very clise to her as anymore to the right we would have collided. Pedestrian blocked the view and took most of the focus from the other cyclists as she was unpredictable in what she would do. Myself and the other cyclist stopped and looked back to make all was ok then carried on. -41.261323513932, 174.7886882 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
219 illegally parked Taxi turned in to the road suddenly (from being parked in illegal loading zone and getting a fine from a parking Marshall) without indicating and hit me off my bike with the nose of his car. He proceeded without stopping - returned after 10 minutes - said he went to look for legal parking. Broken bent bike and front shock and cracked helmet. No assistance from the police - had to carry my bike (could not push it was bent) to the police station (with head injuries and other bumps and bruises) after waiting for the police to arrive for 20 minutes. -41.282298713942, 174.7755975 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
218 Was walking in Johnston hill walking tracks and stopped as myself and an elderly gentlemen thought we heard some tree cutting noises, (there has been illegal tree felling in the area).
I took out my camera as a precaution . All of a sudden a mountain biker came down the track at high speed nearly hitting us. This all caught on camera.
-41.274788760777, 174.74299697307 Pedestrian
217 Cars waiting to turn left into Vivian street blocking cycle lane forcing bikes out into traffic lane. Lucky nice bus driver let me in. This happens most times when using Victoria Street Cycle lane just before 5pm -41.293731085836, 174.77318519707 Bicycle Cyclist's way blocked (by other road users, road conditions, etc.)
216 Very dangerous near miss by a extreme downhill mountain biker illegally riding. This is common on the hill on the walking only tracks which are very steep (over 30 degree angle). -41.271375695573, 174.7745299108 Pedestrian
215 Incident at the lights where a car ran a red arrow and cut me off. Car was travelling North along the one way st of Cumberland St and was turning right into St Andrew St. There are lights at this intersection to stop cars for cyclists but cars more often than not ignore it and cut the cyclists off. A very dangerous intersection. This intersection and the way the cars ignore their red arrow will either kill or seriously injust a cyclist. -45.872492963187, 170.50790544475 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
214 I was cycling in the right lane, to prepare to turn right. The traffic light ahead was red. A driver then undertook me on the left, straddling both lanes, before cutting back into my lane requiring me to swerve onto the flush median to avoid him. -41.278806965932, 174.7796297226 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
213 Near Miss (NEAR FATALITY!)
Cycling NW Bikeway crossing Lincoln Rd from W to E. Saw Green Cycle and proceeded to cross, not realising that the green was not for the slip road. Car misses my front wheel by a few cm. He was travelling around 80km/hr.
If I had been 1 sec earlier I would have been dead.
Bad intersection design, doesn't comply with road to zero.
-36.84900317208, 174.63141217329 Bicycle Other (please add information in the textarea below)
211 Driver in white van passed us (two cyclists) far too closely entering the wide bend, then cut back abruptly in front of us to move back into left lane. The pass could have been completed safely by waiting just 5 - 10 seconds until we had passed around the bend. -41.304381818178, 174.81549756803 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
209 Observed a car overtake a bicycle. Bike was following Victoria street towards Brooklyn hill. Car in left hand lane overtook and then turned left into Webb st cutting off cyclist. It was close. Idiot!

That block of Victoria street is ridiculously unsafe. Cycle lane ends at Karo drive, and dumps cyclists to a lane with drivers splitting two directions
-41.296935101321, 174.77127850443 Motorcycle
208 I was cycling on the roundabout, driver approaching roundabout didn't give way.

Video here:
-36.923504257767, 174.77684416084 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
207 Multiple cars crossed double yellow line while passing me (some still too close) -41.325097215066, 174.77503369563 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
206 truck failed to give way to cyclist at a give way sign. Truck then emergency stopped int the middle of intersection, and cyclist had to emergency stop -41.280861655308, 174.77705943076 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
204 Driver turning right from Beatrice Tinsley Cres onto Bush Road accelerates quickly out of the intersection without looking to his right to try and make a (rare) gap in traffic on Bush Road heading towards Albany Highway. I had to swerve out into the middle of the road to avoid him. -36.755325733143, 174.70283566061 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
203 Approaching Campbell Rd from Onehunga Mall, moved to the centre of the lane to go straight ahead at the roundabout to Cornwall Park. Car squeezes past me and does a left hook into Campbell Rd. Apparently it was my fault for not indicating and riding in the middle of the road. Apart from the fact that I was legally "taking the lane" and that you are not meant to signal when going straight at a roundabout, only at the exit. I advised her to read the road code. -36.908747879988, 174.78345763859 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
202 Car attempted to turn left into Davis Street, which was a closed road. Driver narrowly avoided left hooking the cyclists that were swerving around temporary road signs and cones palced in the cycleway. I had to do an emergency stop when the driver aborted their left turn and attempted to rejoin traffic without checking for cyclists behind them. -41.274501285314, 174.78354880799 Car
201 My daughter was crossing the road at a signalized pedestrian crossing that was green for pedestrians and was almost hit be a car that had to do an emergency stop. -36.712932309207, 174.72146957657 Pedestrian
200 Tranzit bus and then a car both cut across bike lane too close -41.279664943795, 174.779386485 Bicycle Road user turns across cyclist’s path
199 My daughter was crossing the road at a signalized pedestrian crossing that was green for pedestrians and was almost hit be a car that had to do an emergency stop. -36.712932309207, 174.72146957657 Pedestrian
198 Close pass by bus 3523 LME519 -41.316065202873, 174.77553493188 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
197 Car switching lanes on Murphy st didn't check blind spot and almost sideswiped me. -41.274901513939, 174.7792742 Bicycle Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
196 Cars coming up hill too fast and cut the long open corner off, nearly hit even though I was practically riding in the gutter. Often happens at rush hour at that location. -41.315088770627, 174.77556550566 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
195 On bike overtaking another cyclist, bus overtook me with >10cm clearance, spoke to bus driver at next lights, and was apologetic. -41.324767918418, 174.77500624166 Bicycle Problematic pass (usually too close)
124 Car nearly knocked me off my bike. -43.56381855864, 172.64885902405 Bicycle
123 Using the roundabout, get cut off by rednecks deliberately trying to intimidate in their truck. I had right of way, they pulled out too early. -43.528861486415, 172.61230051517 Bicycle
122 Traveling north to Ngaio along Hutt road. Cars turning into tinakori road from Hutt road try and sneak across but misjudged my speed and nearly got run over -41.268335866803, 174.78073239326 Bicycle
121 Ice on the road and roadworks, caused the motorcycle back wheel to slip out. -43.521130644285, 172.63054514449 Motorcycle
120 Cut off by a car traveling in the same direction, I.e.coming from ngauranga and car was pulling into spotlight carpark -41.260103916028, 174.78958904743 Bicycle
119 Other car ran a red light at new intersection, fortunately we weren't fully in the intersection so they just slipped past us -36.775455408787, 174.55436199903 Car
118 Car pulled In front of bike. Near miss. -40.918107495683, 175.00176250935 Bicycle
116 Standing with one foot on bike on road next the pavement. Small truck came come close to me. -41.294184258299, 174.78399798274 Bicycle
115 Heading down Hawker Street by Bike, a car pulled out in front of me, the driver did not look or indicate. I had to brake suddenly and nearly fell off. -41.294278470098, 174.79822576046 Bicycle
114 Car reversing out of a parking spot. Had to swerve the road to miss the car. -41.271420312877, 174.78178918362 Bicycle
113 Riding bike along Jervois key - nearly wiped out by a passing bus. -41.2873105, 174.7779572 Bicycle
112 At round about, a car turn was in the line heading straight through. I went to take off after no traffic was coming through the right. Car went to make a left turn in lane that is going straight nearly taking me out. -41.233792218181, 174.90381762385 Bicycle
111 Black car reversed out of parking fast, cause me to emergency brake and skid all over the left side of the road. -41.290786496907, 174.7908872366 Bicycle