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This morning while riding my ebike with my two children (aged 9 and 6), I once again had a car accelerate aggressively and go completely on the other side of the road to overtake on Russell Terrace, as they drive to the top of the hill and over the blind summit on the junction with Herald St. It would only take a car driving south and it would either be a terrible head-on crash OR, as I suspect, the overtaking car would veer left to take out me and my kids riding on my bike.
I know it's a narrow road, but this is a pretty regular occurrence and it would be a terrible accident if/when someone is coming the other way.
Any advice on how to highlight this issue and has anyone else had the same happen to them?
Oh and after the car passed me and returned the left lane (well over the hill), they put on their hazards to signify their apparent annoyance at me for.... riding a bike? When we stopped at the lights in Newtown, I pulled up next to their window to explain how dangerous it was to overtake on a blind summit (calmly as had my kids with me!). They refused to look at me and instead took out their phone to attempt to take a photo of me and my two children. Eugh.

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Tue, 03/05/2024 - 08:35 - # 647
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