Date of incident
How were you travelling?
Road user turns across cyclist’s path
What happened?
On 29th January, about 5pm, a car driver cut the corner descending on Ohiro Road, just before the turnoff to Brooklyn Road, forcing me over the curb and off my ebike, resulting in severe bruising on my upper right thigh (where the bike frame fell on my leg) and the loss of a hunk of skin from my right elbow.

The driver had passed me a few seconds before, and did not stop after the incident. He had clearly seen me when he drew up alongside me, but appeared unaware of what he did to me. Three drivers waiting on the uphill side of Ohiro Road left their cars to ask me if I was ok, stating that they had seen the whole incident. Unfortunately, I didnt ask them for their details, or whether they had noted the license number of the car. I returned home and was driven to the after hours surgery.

My bruise is slowly subsiding, and my elbow is regrowing the skin, with regular changes of bandages.

This is a dangerous corner. A pedestrian island has been provided. Descending vehicles are often travelling too fast and will cut the corner to avoid going on the other side of Ohiro road and hitting upcoming traffic.

I propose that Council make a safety review of the Brooklyn/Ohiro Raod corner, and consider placing a sign just below the crest of ohiro road on the western side with wording something along the lines - “Slow down, watch for cyclists”. The 30km/hr speed limit close to Brooklyn shops should also be extended until after Brooklyn road is reached.

I possibly could have avoided the accident by giving appropriate hand signals and taking the lane for that section of Ohiro road prior to the corner, or slowing right down to let the car get ahead of me when it drew up alongside me. However, this is in hindsight, and there may be some other measures such as I suggested above that will help avoid future accidents.

Thus I am requesting that a safety review be carried out of the Ohiro/Brooklyn road intersection.
I am also submitting a road watch report with police

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Mon, 01/29/2024 - 17:05 - # 646