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I was on a bike, crossing Customhouse Quay & Jervois Quay from the waterfront to Waring Taylor St. I was crossing during a pedestrian phase. I had crossed Customhouse Quay and was in the middle about to cross Jervois Quay (they are on a single crossing light). A large 4wd vehicle driving north on Jervois Quay ran through the red light. I saw the vehicle coming through the red light and stayed in the middle zone rather than continuing to cross Jervois Quay. The driver saw me as he was already crossing the intersection, and stopped suddenly in the middle of the intersection. If I had continued cycling, he probably would have hit me (head on to his vehicle, on the side of my bike). He gave me an apologetic wave. He was driving a large grey 4wd ute, with a distinctive number plate made up only of letters. I was too shaken to take note of the number plate.

-41.282560074946, 174.77835400324

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