Date of incident
How were you travelling?
Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
What happened?
Cycling along Cameron road in the cycle lane, cyclist in front has to swerve to avoid grey Nissan Kingcab. the Ute pulls out into the path of the cyclist and due to traffic is not able to complete the manoeuvre and blocks the path for the other cyclist and I. I pull up to the drivers side, try to tap on the wingmirror to get drivers attention (it folds back on itself) driver turns holding phone in left hand to ear (smartphone - unsure of brand, in blue case) the female driver, 40's blond hair then gesticulates at me (didn't see fully as over my shoulder) revs engine and starts to swerve towards me. I pull away and she backs off and I return to the cycle lane. She drives erratically into the cycle lane between myself and the other cyclist before driving away. (excerpt from police report)

-37.691406466283, 176.1642224877

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 08:36 - # 420
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