Date of incident
How were you travelling?
Vehicle pulls out or across cyclist
What happened?
I was cycling westward on Woodside Rd when a driver in an SUV heading north on Henley Rd nearly failed to give-way to me as it entered the roundabout. I was able to prevent the driver hitting me by veering to my right and in conjunction with the driver finally seeing me at the last second and bringing their vehicle to an emergency stop. Please note conditions were clear, there is minimal visibility issues on that portion of the roundabout and I had 3x high quality, fully functioning strobe lights running (one on my helmet, one on my handlebars and one on my seat post). The driver appeared to be approaching the roundabout with too much speed and there are zero speed calming measures on the SUV side of the roundabout.

-36.885461141437, 174.75603679817

Fri, 03/06/2020 - 16:00 - # 389