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This is part of the official southbound cycle route (avoiding the motor way) and it's a terrible spot. Riding south, it's a two lane road. The right hand lane turns into a turning only lane into South Road. Locals know this and pick their lane early, visitors are totally surprised and flabbergasted: and act accordingly. As a cyclist, riding on the left of the left hand lane in order to meet expectations to be on the left means a relatively dangerous crossing maneuver to end up in the turning lane.
Today, because traffic was heavy, I slipped into the turning lane a little earlier than usual, approx. where indicated and in the last few tens of meters before the turn was overtaken on the left and right simultaneously. Needless to say, that is scary.

I don't know why motor vehicle drivers are in such a hurry to not have a few seconds to give a cyclist a bit of room.

This intersection needs some attention, especially because it's part of the official way out of town for bikes.

-45.886720034903, 170.49666343074

Mon, 01/27/2020 - 16:11 - # 274